Let’s Get Started!

Meeting orthopedic surgeons through Physician Direct is easy, fun and rewarding. Each of your product champions can meet with as many as 80 surgeons over the course of one year (every surgeon carefully qualified and matched to your solutions), presenting your value propositions, listening to physician feedback, generating future conversations and relationships.

Winter: Completed
Spring: May 17-18
September 27-28
December 6-7

Rates (per block of 25 meetings):

1-3 Blocks
4-7 Blocks
$4,586/block (Innovator Sponsorship)
8-11 Blocks
$4,397/block (Pathfinder Sponsorship)
12-15 Blocks
$4,295/block (Trailblazer Sponsorship)
16+ Blocks
$4,198/block (Gamechanger Sponsorship)

Payment in full 30 days prior to each reserved event. Discounts for multiple event prepayment are available.

  • Each block of 20 meetings takes place over two days, from 6 am to 9 pm Eastern each day.
  • Normal meetings last 7 minutes, but if it takes longer to deliver your value proposition, you can request 11-minute time slots instead. You will receive 12 meetings rather than 20.
  • Because we use doctor-centered scheduling, there will be ample time between meetings to refine your notes and identify next steps.
  • Up to two individuals from your company may participate in each meeting.
  • Because Physician Direct meetings are designed to help companies receive feedback about their products, we recommend that a senior sales executive, product specialist or other employee who is in contact with management be present at each meeting.