Get Started with Physician Direct®

Every other month, your team members can take scheduled, face-to-face private meetings with surgeons via our proprietary video platform. During each 7-, 11- or 15-minute meeting, your team members will discuss your value proposition, solicit feedback, and start and advance relationships with physicians.

2023 Rates (per block of
1-5 Blocks $5,244/block
6-11 Blocks $4,982/block
12-17 Blocks $4,783/block
18+ Blocks $4,639/block

A block contains twenty 7-minute meetings, twelve 11-minute meetings or ten 15-minute meetings.

Terms: Payment in full 30 days prior to each reserved event.

2023 Dates

  • June 6-7
  • August 1-2
  • September 26-27
  • December 5-6

Fast Facts

  • Meetings take place over two days, from 6 am to 9 pm Eastern each day.
  • You select the best meeting length for your presentation: 7, 11, or 15 minutes.
  • Up to two individuals from your company may participate in each meeting.
  • Because Physician Direct® meetings are designed to help companies receive feedback about their products, we recommend that a senior executive, product specialist or other employee who is in contact with management be present at each meeting.

The Doctors Will See You Now

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