Fill Your New Customer Pipeline…

…and strengthen existing relationships with Physician Direct, an exciting new medical sales channel that serves up productive, private one-on-one meetings with orthopedic surgeons whose individual practices make them especially excellent candidates for your specific products or services.

Physician Direct empowers your team to meet prospects they would never otherwise meet and make sales they would never otherwise make. It enables them to do it efficiently, economically and professionally. Each quarter, your team members will converse with 20 qualified U.S. orthopedic surgeons face to face via video meeting. Those physicians will meet your criteria as qualified prospects for your products and services, based on their procedural volumes. During each 7-minute meeting, your team members will discuss your value proposition, solicit feedback, and start and advance relationships with physicians.

Some of the benefits of Physician Direct:

  • Enables meaningful discussions with physicians who are difficult or impossible to reach or who may otherwise not understand the opportunity you present.
  • Empowers you to take control of your sales pipeline. Many reps understandably choose to focus on maximizing business from existing customers rather than prospecting for new ones. Physician Direct powers up your prospecting efforts with no additional manpower.
  • Keeps your product and your brand in front of existing customers and protects your relationships with them.
  • Offers a faster, more economical alternative to pricey market research tools like focus groups.
  • Offers phenomenal sales training opportunities. Up to two of your team members can participate in each meeting.
  • Provides instant feedback about each physician’s level of interest.
  • Extraordinarily economical and efficient.