Let’s Change the Product Evaluation Game

Every doctor works to keep up with advances in medical technology. But it’s become more frustrating than ever, thanks to time pressures and constricted information flow.

Physician Direct, a revolutionary new information exchange for physicians, enables brief, rapid-fire, intense conversations with experts from the companies who make medical technology. It helps you quickly find out quickly about new products that could change your practice. It enables you to provide feedback that will help shape future products.​

It’s extremely efficient, compressing an inefficient, tedious, disjointed task into an action-packed, informative series of conversations.

And not only is there no cost—for the first time ever, you get paid for the time you invest in evaluating products and services. Here’s how it works: At a time convenient to your schedule, you sit down at your computer and click a link. You then participate in a series of live 5-minute meetings about products and services chosen just for you. You’ll meet with experts from the companies, learn about the products and provide feedback. Your meetings proceed automatically with brief breaks so that you can take a breath, indicate whether there’s interest in what you’ve just seen, and preview the next meeting. Our automated 5-minute format encourages vendors to get to the point quickly. At the end of the meeting series, you decide whether you’d like to have more conversation with any of the experts you met. There is no obligation. After the meeting, you receive payment for the time you invested. It’s just that simple!

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