Power Up Your Prospecting

Rep Time Use

Prospecting for new physician customers has never been more difficult than it is now. Building new relationships with doctors has always been challenging. But now reps face rigid facility access restrictions, extraordinarily busy, time-challenged doctors, and flooded communication channels (voicemails, emails, direct mail, advertising). For reps, these barriers can become frustrating and morale crushing. That explains why so many short prospecting in favor of working their existing customers, where they have relationships and access.

Turn that equation around with Physician Direct, a brand-new channel that tees up high-quality face-to-face meetings with physician prospects at an extremely economical price. Watch sales productivity and morale rise as reps spend more time selling and less time chasing meetings.

Each curated 7-minute meeting costs your company only $240—$240 to set up a shot on goal, with a real chance to score. On average, $240 is equivalent to the cost of about 64 minutes of rep selling time (see chart). No rep (anywhere, ever) comes close to averaging only 64 minutes of time invested to gain a private, one on one meeting with a qualified new physician prospect.  Physician Direct now provides a never before experienced level of economy in new prospect engagement.

But it is an even better deal when you consider opportunity cost—the cost of not getting the meetings you could have had. How much is one new customer (with all the residuals) worth? If your reps are not getting every quality face-to-face meeting that’s available, the cost of not using Physician Direct runs into the hundreds of thousands—and up.

Be intentional about driving new customer development and make it happen economically with Physician Direct. Press the green button and watch your new customer pipeline fill up, your sales production rise and your staff morale soar! Physician Direct: The doctor will see you now.